Cash Flow & Tax Strategies

The Business Analyst


If you don’t know what you need, how can you get it?

Need More Cash? Start with A Cash Plan!

  • Determine the cash or credit line needed to achieve profit goals.
  • Secure bank credit lines based upon anticipated cash needs.
  • Compare monthly cash needs with actual performance.
  • Know when to make payments on credit lines.
  • Know when you can draw on credit lines.
  • Don’t wait for “end of the year” surprises!

We’ll show you how to plan, track, keep and get more cash.

Accounting and Tax Services

When most people think of business accounting they tend to think of checks and balances. When you have your own business you come to understand it’s not as simple as that. There are many situations where having a trusted, reliable and time-tested accounting firm, like MBE CPAs, on your side will allow you to sleep better at night. Having us there to keep things running smoothly gives you time to concentrate on other aspects of your business. We offer extensive services and guidance for your business accounting needs including: complied financial statements, check writing, after the fact payroll processing, audited financial statements, reviewed financial statements, forensic accounting, sales, resort and/or room taxes.  

Complied Financial Statements – Bookkeeping/Write-up

We take your financial information and issue Financial Statements (a Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Statement of Cash Flows). These are most often issued on a monthly or quarterly basis.  

Check Writing

You, the client, will approve invoices for payment and we will issue checks to your vendors.  

After the Fact Payroll Processing

You will prepare the paychecks but we will assist with calculating payroll tax deposits and/or quarterly reports. In addition, we can process the year-end W-2s and correlating reports.  

Audited Financial Statements

This is a rapidly growing segment of our business. Some companies (non-profits accepting more than 400k in annual public support, companies accepting government funding – ie: CBRFs or foster homes, construction companies – for bonding, and large bank customers) are required to have Audited Financial Statements prepared. We test on a sample basis of your financial data and then offer an opinion on the quality of the financial statements that are being presented.  

Reviewed Financial Statements

Reviewed financial statements are often required by banks or bonding companies. This service is not as encompassing as an audit, yet more involved than compiled financial statements.  

Forensic Accounting

We can assist you in quantifying damages for anything. These damages could include theft by an employee or partner, fire loss, suspicious shareholder activity and much more.  

Sales, Resort and/or Room Taxes

We file sales, resort, and room tax returns.