Talent Acquisition and Retention

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Tom Bush, owner of Successful Business Strategies, LLC, has worked with clients of all sizes, specializing in family-owned ventures.  Tom is a veteran owner and expert at helping owners & top managers identify, attract, hire, retain & engage the right talent for the right job fit – using Harrison Assessment technology to predict and select the optimum choice for talent change.

As CEO, Tom has owned five business ventures over 40 years in diverse industries, including retail, distribution, marketing services, light manufacturing, data & electronic records storage and consulting.  His unique experience perspectives include ownership within a family venture and working mostly with family-owned clients over the last decade.  Tom knows what makes business ownership successful and fail.

Tom has atom-bushdvised and coached over 40 business clients and top managers working to solve significant business challenges revolving around people, process & performance issues.

As a certified Harrison Assessment Consultant, Tom has worked closely to help ownership examine and change employment performance.  He uses Harrison Assessment technology to identify employees and applicants – who are three times more likely to achieve success in career change.

Tom has worked with owners to rebuild dysfunctional teams and identify the right people to become the next generation of leaders – using Harrison’s advanced Leadership Competencies Assessments. The reports identify the highest ranking candidates who possess optimum scores in critical behavior traits that are essential to success as a leader, for emerging or senior level leadership change.

Tom has spoken at several national conferences as a subject matter expert on business operations improvements, data management growth strategies, attracting and selecting the best candidates that fit specific job roles and building business growth through culture and team change.

For more information – view www.successfulbusiness-strategies.com or contact Tom at;

Mobile: 608-335-1685

Email:  tbbush@live.com